Customizing Your Graphics

If you have an artistic leaning - RoadRage has created a program that will allow you to change the graphics on your gauge. For some people, no matter how much flexibility you have in the stock menus, they want more. Of course different colors for fonts and backgrounds are easy to do from the main menus, but with the Flash Graphics Generator program for the PC - you can insert your own startup screens or fonts.

Startup Screens:
Basically, you start with a 320 x 240 indexed 8-bit bitmap image (.bmp) for the startup screens (one is shown below) and use the F.G.G. program to insert it into the main Graphics file (.SF) that you will load into Serial Flash (instructions on loading here)




The font files are more complex. For full animation you need each number and the decimal point (0-9 + decimal). That is 11 pictures. You then take them and stack them on top of each other to create a grey-scale font file that looks like the following:
















Then you take each number and create a total of 5 animation frames that show each number small to large. See below:
















There are small, medium and large fonts which are used in the various skins.

The Icons can be customized in the same way as the fonts. Below is an example of an animated Rat, Skull, Speaker and Tiki Man. Note that these are 8-bit Indexed bitmaps. Note how each is shifted slightly for the animation effect.

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