The RoadRage LCD

We looked at other gauges with 1.8" or 2.2" displays. Not for us. We went to a very expensive and high-end 3.2" Transflective LED-backlit LCD. Why Transflective? It looks great in the daylight or at night. How? It reflects some of the ambient light that hits it - while passing light from the 2500 cd/m^2 white 5-LED backlight. What is the benefit? While other displays may wash out in sunlight - the RoadRage display reflects that light through its internal polarizers making allowing full daylight readibility. It costs way more - but it worth it at the track. And on the street? Stunning...


What is the resolution? A full 320x240 quarter VGA. It features 16 bit color depth for a full 65536 colors.


For update speed - nothing but high-speed TFT. No OLED or Passive Color displays. Each Pixel has 3 transitors that are switched at 60 hertz for the maximum visual impact with zero ghosting.


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