The Gauge software is configured to show data in different ways on screen. We call these different screens (or ways of displaying data) skins.

The default SBT Skin (other Similar) - or Skin 1 is shown below:

Skins 2-4 look like the picture below:

Skins 5-7 look like the picture below:

Note the crazy colors and different background colors? They are all fully customizable in the menus.

You navigate between skins by rolling the trackball up and down to page through the primary 7 skins. These are as follows:

Skin 1 - shows all three data variables (speed, boost, temp) - small fonts
Skin 2 - shows just Speed with a scrolling graph - medium fonts
Skin 3 - shows just Boost with a scrolling graph - medium fonts
Skin 4 - shows just Temp with a scrolling graph - medium fonts
Skin 5 - shows just Speed - Large fonts
Skin 6 - shows just Boost - Large fonts
Skin 7 - shows just Temp - Large fonts

To view the Maximum sensor values - roll the wheel to the right and you will see the last skin - the high value skin. It will not change unless the sensor values exceed the max values stored. It is kind of like a peak and hold mode on expensive Multi-meters. Jog to the right again and you will clear these values. More on Max Values

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