Gauge Technology Spec's

There are a number of specs of the RoadRage Gauge itself. The whole unit is based on a 96 MIP (Million Instruction Per Second) ARM Cortex M3 Microcontroller. It has high speed program flash on board the micro and 4 megabytes of external SPI based serial flash for graphics memory.

The Sensor Scalers themselves contain various Analog to Digital Converts, Accelerometers, Sensors and Microcontrollers. The gauges contain an 8 bit Microcontroller for Communications and to aquire the EFR Speed Sensor Signal. The SBT Scaler also contains an 18 bit Sigma Delta A to D converter. We downsample the sampling rate on the Temp sensor to 16 bits - and 12 bits on the Speed Sensor and the Boost Sensor. Data Acquisition speed runs to 180 hertz in this configuration.

The Boost Sensor itself is a Freescale MPX4250 that is a micromachined silicon sensor whose sister part is found in Delco's GM MAP sensors. It is Temperature Compensated, on-chip signal conditioned and precision calibrated. The sensor is a 240 KPA (3 BAR) sensor which measures from 0-36 PSI of boost. Click on the sensor pic below for the datasheet containing the calibration curve if you want to study up on your Electrical Engineering technology.


We offer two other sensors on special order that go from 0-75 PSI and 0-101 psi. Email tech@roadragegages if you want the modified sensor. The higher pressure sensors would only be necessary for scary high boost configurations and are not suitable for the street.

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