Updating Firmware and Graphics



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The RoadRage gauges can have their firmware (program code) or Graphics code updated separately. Why are they separate? The firmware is stored on the main CPU or Microcontroller. The Graphics code is stored externally to the main CPU on a separate Serial SPI based Flash chip. We give you the ability to Update both.

Download Page Link

How do I update the Code? Either Graphics or Firmware:

  1. Go to the Download page
  2. Find your Gauge.
  3. Select the latest Files - one firmware and one graphics
  4. Download the file(s)to your PC
  5. Save them on your microSD card in the directory x:\rrgdir\ (where x is the drive letter windows assigns to the uSD card)
  6. Keep the correct filenames and extensions (.SCR and .SF)
  7. Turn the Key of your vehicle to off (no LCD backlight on)
  8. Put the microSD card in the top right slot on your SBT gauge. Don't drop it into the case (yes - the case hole is too large)
  9. Hold down your Trackball for 8 full seconds (one mississippi...)
  10. You should see the filename(s) you just downloaded from the web on your LCD screen
  11. Using the trackball, select the proper file. If you are downloading both firmware and graphics - do them both before starting the gauge.
  12. Note: The Firmware update only takes 5 seconds, the Graphics take 2 minutes
  13. Turn your Key on and verify you get a title screen. note the new software revision #'s
  14. Enjoy!
  15. If your LCD screen doesn't come on - pull the 10 pin power connector on the back of the gauge for 10 seconds and reattach it.
  16. Still no screen - Panic! (then call us)...
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