A critical ingredient to any gauge is letting you know when the recorded values are too high or too low. The RoadRage Gage Guages, excel in this functionality. First, they allow you to independently turn on or off any of the high or low warnings on the sensor variables.

Next they allow you to change the color of the warnings. This impacts the color of the small warning triangles next to the bargraph's on Skin 1 and the scrolling graph on Skins 2-4.

Also - when a warning is active - the background color will Change on the font for that reading. For instance - if your High alarm color is Red, and the sensor value for Speed is above the warning threshold, the background of the Speed readout will be drawn in Red.

Skins 2-4 have a small icon that changes color as well.

You can also change the level of the warnings of course - so that you can dial in exactly when the warning will occur. The warnings will autoscale when you change units, so no need to worry about rescaling the warnings if you change the boost units from PSI to KPA.

For skins 2-4, the scrolling line graph line will change color if it is over or under the warning levels. This provides a visual cue to show that you have exceeded the thresholds.

Finally - you can turn on an audible warning if the thresholds are exceeded. This can be a MAJOR annoyance, and we don't want you throwing the gauge out the window and trying to warranty it after you have calmed down, so please use the audible warning sparingly.

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