We hate to wave the flag (OK - really we don't) - but RoadRage does it different than most.

Everything is designed in the USA. See the biographies of the two main Design Engineers - Sparks and Trashhammer.

We send out for circuit boards to Asia (sorry) and bare boards (PCB's) arrive back in the US. We buy our parts from US distribution and then we cart everything down to a Contract Manufacturer in Florida that puts the parts on the boards. Actually the first 500 SBT Gauge Assemblies were built with Sparks and Trashhammer running the Robotic Pick and Place, Solder Stencil and Wave Soldering operations during the worst "vacation" ever recorded since time began. 90 hours of pure hell... but we darn well know every nuance of how our gauges go together. From there everything is 100% tested to create the final electronics assembly.



We then marry the electonics to American Made Sheet metal created in a local Atlanta Fab facility. Then we box 'em up and ship 'um out from Hillbilly country near the home of the Jack Daniels distillery. Sparks and Trashhammer are no strangers to hard living.


The Scaler boxes are created in a similar fashion to allow the single Gauge assemblies to take on various software flavors (the first being the SBT/BT).

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