The RoadRage Gauge Case is made up of a back housing made of .062 black powder coated steel, topped by a front panel made of brushed, clear-anodized aluminum. These parts are both made in Atlanta by a high end metal fabrication shop using automated CNC punch presses. We have worked with them for years and they do top quality work. The screws that hold the faceplate on are stainless steel hex-head for the ultimate in fit and finish. You won't find any plastic on the whole gauge assembly - just top flight metal. Expensive yes - but for the ultimate Gauges - it is worth every penny.










These housings are very substantial and race ready. They should take a beating at the track or on the street and look great in the process. We have had excellent results powder coating the gauge faces. Trashhammer has serious painting talent and will do low volume custom powder coating for beer money (the good stuff - not Budweiser). Contact us at and ask about custom colors.



The 4 screws on the back can be removed for flush mount - or retained to hook the gauge up using a number of mounting methods. The bolt pattern is a universal pattern that can work with our windshield bracket or our A-Pillar mount.

cutoutClick on the pic of our rear panel cutout for the bolt pattern:

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