SBT Kit (Speed, Boost, Temp)

This kit consists of a Gauge with SBT software loaded and an SBT Scaler adapter with 36 psi sensor (75 or 100 psi optional) with integrated harness and integrated Boost Sensor.

Comes with a K-type Thermocouple.

Kit Price: $433.50


1) Main Gauge Assembly with Wiring Harness and SBT programming
2) SBT Scaler Box with built in wiring harness and 36 PSI boost sensor (75 and 100 psi optional)
3) K-Type Metal Jacketted Thermocouple

Optional: Mounting Brackets, Data Cards etc.


Sample Screen Shot: Spinning Turbo, Color Changing Exhaust Manifold...

The highest quality and most feature-rich boost gauge in the industry. It is designed to read Boost and Exhaust or Intercooler Temp. In addition, it reads out something previously available only to racers with thousands of dollars in custom data aquistion equipment: Turbo Speed. This is supplied from speed-sensor equipped Borg Warner EFR series of Turbos.

Will the SBT work with any turbo or supercharger install? Sure - but you can't read out speed (essentially making the gauge a BT rather than SBT). The SBT system comes equipped with its own boost sensor - so no need to interface with your vehicle computer. It features customizable Audible and Visual over/under warnings as well as high value tattle-tails.

Every unit is equipped to Datalog with only an inexpensive microSD card of any size. It is field upgradable for both the Code and Graphics Data. An Automotive Grade 0-36 PSI sensor is built in so no need to fight OBD-II/III update rates or incompatiblities.

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