SBT + 1 Gauge Kit (Speed, Boost1, Boost2 or Drive pressure, Temp)

This kit consists of a Gauge with SBT Plus 1 Software loaded and a SBT Scaler Pod with 2 x 100 psi boost sensors with integrated harness. Includes a K-type Thermocouple.

Note, Consider if you need to order a micro SD card or a bracket (sold separately)

Part # RRG-0000218 Kit Price: SBT + 1, with Scaler Adapter 463.50

1.Main Gauge Assembly with Wiring Harness with SBT+1 programming
2.SBT+1 Scaler Box with built in wiring harness and two 100 PSI boost sensors
3.K-Type Thermocouple

The SBT+1 is configured to read out Boost x 1, Boost x 2 or Drive pressure, Exhaust Temp and Turbo Speed (with a Borg Warner Turbo with a Speed Sensor).

Will the SBT + 1 work with any turbo or supercharger install? You just have to have a BW turbo to take advantage of the Speed sensor. If no BW turbo, consider the Turbo Warrior + 1

Plugs Directly into EFR Sensor (sold by separately by Borg Warner) The SBT+1 system comes equipped with its own boost sensorsw - so no need to interface with your vehicle computer. It features customizable Audible and Visual over/under warnings as well as high value tattle-tails.

Every unit is equipped to Datalog with only an inexpensive microSD card of any size. It is field upgradable for both the Code and Graphics Data. An Automotive Grade 0-100 PSI sensor is built in so no need to fight OBD-II/III update rates or incompatiblities.

Thermocouples are Optional and are not included with this kit.

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