Meet the "people" who run RoadRage Gages

Before accidentally turning himself and some of his companions into large rats, Dr. Sparks could be found working in the automotive aftermarket, designing circuit boards, and selling computer components. Dr. Sparks claims to have left the evil world of sales with his morality and sanity intact. After the "Accident" he retired to his lab where he is free to work on many of his favorite projects.

Some of his current hobbies include: designing gigantic laser rays, making everlasting youth elixirs, and building rocket assisted street cars. He enjoys tinkering with his Robots and explaining all of these things at length to the local authorities.

Dr, Trash-Hammer spent his time before accidentally being turned into a rat in one of the world's leading HVAC companies. Then he worked in a small laser optical firm, and he had nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the mega malicious Optometric laser beam used by Dr. Insane to extort 20 million from the city government. He hardly knows dr. Insane. They've met at a few cocktail parties. Really that's it! He would never accidentally reveal important information about huge lasers by drunkenly writing designs on a cocktail napkin . Never!

Dr. Trash-hammers hobbies include creating mutants from a wide variety of species, building rockets and working on a cloaking shield for automobiles.

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