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SBT+1 Supervisor Gauge - For Borg Warner speed sensor equipped turbos. Measures EFR Turbo Speed, Drive Pressure, Boost, Exhaust or Intercooler Temp. For Borg Warner EFR's only.

TSS Translator - For use with a Borg Warner EFR turbo to create a linearly scaled 0 to 5 volt signal. Easily interfaces with datalogging systems with a 5 volt format. If you have an existing Datalogging system, this is the part to buy.

Why RoadRage Gages vs. OBD-III Tuners and Gauges?

Why RoadRage Gages vs. Round Gauges


The Diesel Warrior +1 Supervisor Gauge will help protect your towing rig with audible and visual warnings. You can protect your investment and instantly know when to back of the boost or get out of the throttle. The Diesel Warrior displays and Datalogs Boost, Drive Pressure, Trans Temp and Exhaust Temp. Up to 100 psi boost levels (more on request). Fits all model years of truck and includes all sensors. Like all Road Rage Gages the Diesel Warrior comes in a military tough case with daylight viewable LCD screen. Full Datalogging to a micro SD card with Peak and hold.

Turbo Warrior + 1 Supervisor Gauge - For any Turbo vehicle, measures and DataLogs Boost, Drive Pressure,Intercooler or Intake temp, and exhaust temp. Fits any turbo application.

Turbo BMW

Turbo Cummins

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