Why Not OBD2/3

When we started RoadRage, we took a hard look at OBD diagnostics and whether we wanted to use this as the interface to the vehicle. We had previously in prior jobs worked with OBD interfacing. While it has advantages, it also has disadvantages:

  • Unknown update rates
  • Interfaces only to the sensors the vehicles came with stock
  • Only works with newer vehicles

Balancing these disadvantages are easy installation, and a quick and simple install. Additionally, some devices can clear some troublecodes and offer basic troubleshooting.

In the end, we wanted to maintain the ultimate flexibility with our sensors and our data rates. We also wanted the flexibility to work with any vehicle.

So there you go... if you want an OBD reader, there are plenty to choose from. If you want a race ready sensor interface with built in diagnostic datalogging, we are your gauge.

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