Troubleshooting guide or....

Why doesn't this stupid Gauge you sold me work?

Okay...Calm down. The Doctors are here to help. They have provided some helpful instructions below because they want you to be happy. It's really all they care about. Really. But they're a little busy, and they will be really happy if you can solve this problem yourself. Seriously, calm down...the following list may solve all of your problems and lead to world peace and universal happiness. Or it may not. But it's worth a try!

IF....Your screen does not start up after 3 seconds (no light, no Logo) The rats say...Your unit does not have power or a good ground or...perhaps you have screwed up your wiring.

Make sure you have the latest Instructions that include the wiring harness diagram.

1. Verify the gauge is working by clipping the red wire to the plus terminal or your battery and the black wire to a car ground screw on the engine or on the fender. If your gauge doesn't fire up when directly connected to the battery, Either the battery is dead or the gauge is not actually working. In that case, you will have to call us...Sigh.

2. If the gauge is working, go back under the dash...make sure that the black wire goes to any metal screw that is going into metal. It is possible that your metal bolt will go to a plastic housing in which case you do not have a good ground.****Dr. Trash-hammer says if you are trying to ground your gauge in a plastic housing, then maybe you should consider retaking that iq test you cheated on for a more accurate result.

3. If the screen still won't light up, Make sure that you have hooked up the RED wire and yellow wire and ground properly. Make sure you have turned your ignition key on. red needs to go to vehicle battery (always on) and the yellow needs to go to switched ignition. The gauge will not come on unless these two things are true. you can hook them both to switched ignition - but you will lose startup and shutdown animation and it will be impossible to update your firmware unless you have the vehicle battery wire connected to a non-switched source. Note that the gauge and scaler box draw less than 1 milli-amp when the Key is off during normal use so they won't drain the battery.

4. If that doesn't work some of your friends may advise you to find a large hammer and smash the unit repeatedly. They will tell you it will not fix the problem but will put you in a better mood. Drs. Sparks and Trashhammer would like to remind you that your good mood will go away when you discover you have voided your warranty. Don't smash it! Send it back. They will fix it or get you a new one.

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