How to Get the Most Out of Your EFR Speed Sensor

Once you purchase a speed sensor equipped EFR Borg Warner Turbo - you need some method to read out (or record) the speed.

Choice #1: If you have a data aquisition system - you will likely need to buy the TSS below (Turbo Speed Scaler). This converts the frequency output of the EFR Speed sensor to a linear scaled voltage - which is required by most Data Aquistion packages. It is economically priced at 57$ and is a very high performance microprocessor controlled sensor scaler box. Itis also a snap to install and hook up.

Choice #2: If you want to be able to display your Turbo Speed along with Boost and Exhaust or Intercooler temperature - you need the SBT Kit below. It gives you a daylight viewable readout with cool features like a peak and hold - and real time bar graphs. It is fieldupdateable and has a host of features that you can check out on its product page. It is more expensive at $387 - but it looks cool and performs great! You can actually use the TSS in addition to the SBT - as you may want to log data to your data aquistion system - and have a great looking dash mount gauge in addition.
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SBT Plus 1 Gauge Kit for use with performance cars to measure and datalog Boost, Drive pressure (or 2 boosts), Borg Warner Turbo Speed and exhaust temp. Custom Kits available for different configurations (call or email us). Perfect for Borg Warner Turbos. Use Turbo Warrior+1 if no BW Turbo.

Part # RRG-0000218

Retail complete Kit $463.50

SBT Gauge Kit (Speed, Boost Temp). Gauge kit for use with performance cars to measure and Datalog Boost, Borg Warner Turbo Speed and Exhaust Temp. For use with EFR turbos by Borg warner only

Part # RRG-0000121

Retail $433.50


TSS (Turbo speed scaler). If you already have a data-aquisition package, this converts Borg Warner turbo speed to a zero to five volt linear voltage. For use with EFR turbos by Borg warner only.

Part # RRG-0000113

Retail $57


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