LCD vs Traditional Gauges

Nothing sparks as much discussion as LCD vs. Round gauges... You know what - we like round gauges. They are great... But they have inherent limitations that our LCD gauges solve:

  • Multiple readings shown
  • Elaborate Menus
  • Datalogging
  • Color matching
  • Audible Warnings
  • Peak and Hold
  • Auto Dimming
  • Lower Cost vs. 3 or 4 similar round Gauges
  • Adaptable customizable warnings
  • Logo screens at startup
  • reprogrammable

Really the list goes on and on. So it isn't a perfect world. If you want to display one sensor reading, nothing beats a round gauge. If you want a full datalogging system that is infinitely flexible and reprogrammable that will show multiple readings, we are a great choice.










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